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Why Alabama Isn’t “Ordinary” And Upcoming Opponents Should Be Afraid

Nick Saban has caused a buzz in the CFB world by referring to the Bama win over TAMU as ‘ordinary’ and it’s making people crazy. All of the pundits are rushing to decipher what it means and how they can spin it.

Whether you are an Alabama Crimson Tide fan or not you have to admit that this was the first game in a very long time where Bama didn’t not look superhuman. There were some firsts including a turnover that is making them look more beatable than they have in a while.

Make no mistake, every upcoming opponent on the Tide’s schedule will be reviewing the film on this game to try and duplicate some of the success TAMU had against the Tide. This includes those at that cow college across the state.

The question is if it matters. Is there really anything here to be learned and used in upcoming games to bring the mighty Crimson Tide to it’s knees? Did TAMU find from Alabama Kryptonite that will make this Alabama team vulnerable?

It’s certainly possible but unlikely and here is why. The greatest College Football head coach in recent history will also be studying the film from this game and you can bet all that you own that he will have these issues fixed going forward.

Did Alabama suddenly look beatable? Yes.

Should future opponents get over excited at the prospect of playing the #1 ranked team in the country? Absolutely not.

Do you know who I would hate to be this weekend in college football? The Arkansas Razorbacks. You do not want to be the team that plays Alabama after a week of Saban and company whipping a team back into top form with something to prove.

How do you like your bacon Alabama fans? I like mine extra crispy. ROLL TIDE!

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