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Why Jalen Hurts Was Robbed From Being Heisman Finalist

It is a rare occasion when the best team in college football does not have a finalist in New York for the Heisman Trophy Presentation. Especially, when this could be the best team ever for the great Nick Saban. The 2016 Heisman finalists are all great players no doubt, but it just does not seem right without someone from the Tide.

There is one player on Alabama that this writer thinks should have been invited to New York.

Jalen Hurts


Who ever thought a Nick Saban championship team would be led by a true freshmen quarterback? Not this writer.  Jalen Hurts is so good that other quarterbacks are now leaving the program. You know these guys right? Blake Barnett, Cooper Bateman, and David Cornwall.

All of these guys at one time were going to be anointed as the guy to lead the Tide to their next championship. Well, that didn’t happen. Why? Because Jalen Hurts is one of those unique athletes that only come around on rare occasions. Jalen Hurts numbers tell the story of why he is worthy.

  • 2,592 passing yards with 22 touchdowns and a passer rating of 146.08
  • 841 yards rushing along with 12 touchdowns
  • 1 total yards a game and 34 total touchdowns
  • Has led the #1 team with an average of 40.5 PPG (Most in the Saban Era)

Now the Heisman is not all about stats right? Each player has had THAT moment. The Heisman moment. Well, one does not have to look far back to find one for Jalen. Remember that LSU game? Oh yes you do!

Jalen Hurts would roll out on a called pass play with [13:08] left in the fourth. Most Alabama signal callers would just take a loss or throw the ball away. Not this elite athlete. He scrambles 21 yards for the touchdown to put Alabama up 7-0 on the LSU Tigers. Alabama would go on to win the game 10-0.

In the Ole Miss game (Alabama won 48-43), Jalen would pass for 158 and run for 146 with an 8.1 average yards per carry. That is a total of 304 yards. Remember, the Hugh Freeze led Rebels had beaten Alabama the previous two years, and this was billed at the time as the biggest game of the year.

That’s Pretty big stakes for a freshmen in only his third game and second start.

So, am I saying Jalen Hurts should win the award? No I am not. But when you look at those numbers and what he has done to help Alabama get to where they are right now it is hard to say he didn’t deserve to be invited. Crimson Tide fans what do you think?

Phillip Jordan is a sports analyst for several radio and internet outlets You can connect with him and listen to his podcast at the links below.

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