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LSU Coach Ed Orgeron Cries Like Baby After Loss To Bama

How many Alabama fans can remember just a few weeks ago when Bama made Tennessee coaches cry after their loss to the Tide? If you missed that story you can read it HERE. To sum it up, basically the defensive coordinator Bob Shoop blamed the officials for the loss. See exactly what he had to say HERE.

Here we are just a couple of weeks later and Bama has made another coach whine and blame it’s loss on the officials. LSU interim head coach Ed Orgeron says he thinks there were some ‘questionable’ calls and no calls in the game on Saturday. In a post game presser it was clear he wasn’t happy with the officials.


In a recent presser he made his frustration with the officiating in that game very clear. “I think there were some very questionable things that happened,” Coach Orgeron said. “I usually don’t do that.” He also stated he would be sending inquiries to the SEC.

Why can’t coaches lose with grace anymore? There were calls missed on both sides of the ball all night long. Do you really think your team was the only one getting missed calls and bad calls from the officials? Don’t even get me started.

If you want to coach in the SEC then you need to put your big boy britches on. Strap up and hold on. We play big boy football in the SEC and sometimes things don’t go our way. And when you are playing Bama, the fact is things will rarely go you way. Get used to it. ROLL TIDE!

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